: About Me :

Terry Barnett is a Dynamic Public Speaker, Author & Certified Master Life Coach.

“I am here for one reason – you and your success.” -Terry Barnett

terry_glasses“I have always been a student of human potential, dedicated to do whatever I can to inspire people. Whether it be in the classroom, or 1-on-1… my intention is always to help each person unlock that potential within themselves.”

“I have known I wanted to be a motivational speaker and success coach since 1991,  the first time I watched Anthony Robbins get his audiences fired up with inspiration.”

“Ever since I was awakened to the unlimited power of human potential, I have always been student of mastery …as an artist, teacher, technology consultant, manager, public speaker, writer or real estate trainer… always looking into topics and opportunities that would allow me to share my personal experiences (along with the lessons learned from thousands of others) to shorten the learning curve for people and help them be the absolute best they can be.”

“If you asked me for a one or two word description of why I was placed on the earth, I’d say, ‘To Inspire.'”

“I have never been content with just being successful myself.  I felt my calling was to help as many other people get there as I could. To show the way…to light the path…to spread hope among those who have all but given up and relight their flame.”

“None of this means I’m perfect.  It simply means that while I’m making that climb up the mountain, I am taking the time and effort to offer that hand up that many so desperately need to take the next step towards their idea of success.”

“As the late Zig Ziglar would say, I’ll see you at the Top!”

Terry Barnett is also excited and happy to be the Customer Engagement Senior Manager of My Florida Regional MLS and working daily with an amazing group of talented individuals. Their info can be found by clicking here.


Terry lives in beautiful Central Florida, has two beautiful teenage daughters and is married to the woman of his dreams.