Dave.* Failure At 50, Broke, Crushed by the Real Estate Crash.

*Not my real name and edited for privacy.

My Before Coaching Challenge: Failure At 50, broke, crushed by the Real Estate crash.

My After Coaching Outcome: Flipping my first house in 5 years, bills caught up, sitting at the beach!

My Story: When the real estate market crumbled, I was hit hard. It literally destroyed my world. Running into Terry again was a gift from the Universe.  Terry pointed me toward finding tools and techniques that might work in the current market with my current resources (and challenges). He taught me how to overcome my fears,  build a power network  and surround myself with quality friends that would change my life. Together we set goals to turn my life around. I’m now closing on my first house in 5 years, no longer afraid of the electricity getting turned off and looking  out over the ocean with my wife, our toes in the beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach …happier than ever.

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