Carl.* Corporate Manager struggling with presenting at meetings.

*Not my real name and edited for privacy.

My Before Coaching Challenge: Corporate Manager struggling with presenting at meetings.

My After Coaching Outcome: Fearless Presenter preparing for promotion to Corporate Executive

My Story: I had met Terry at one of his speaking engagements and had seen how well he connected with his audiences. He seemed natural at it and made it look so easy that I was afraid maybe it wasn’t something you could learn. After my initial consultation we both agreed that this would be a good fit and I’d give him a try as my Coach. During the first session, Terry helped teach me some quick techniques and strategies for delivering a dynamic presentation. I tried a little of it on my next meeting and immediate got praise from one of my co-workers. During my next session, I was hooked. We worked through some rapport building techniques and how to control the room. It was a huge success. Our latest focus has shifted to my next promotion.

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